The Excellence Initiative at Humboldt-Universität

April 1: Foundation of the Faculties for Life Sciences, Mathematics and Natural Sciences and of Humanities and Social Sciences


March 7: IRI for the Life Sciences is opened
October 16: IRI THESys is established


June 15: Decision on funding - Humboldt-Universität is successful in all three funding lines
November 1: Funding begings

2011 Wissenschaftsrat asks HU to submit a full proposal in the third funding line of the Excellence Initiative
Institutional Strategy is submitted
HU is being visited by a review party of the Wissenschaftsrat

Application sketch is sent to Wissenschaftsrat
Foundation of the Excellence Initiative Forum (FOX) and several workshops are established


Writing process for the new Institutional Strategy "Educating Inquiring Minds" begins
HU establishes a Task Force Excellence Initiative

2007 Several applications for Graduate Schools and Clusters of Excellence of HU are successful
The concepts are being revised for the second funding period of the Excellence Initiative
2006 Humboldt-Universität delivers its first Institutional Strategy