Humboldt Senior Advisor

Humboldt Senior Advisor

The funding line retains important know-how at the university and uses it for the benefit of young researchers.

Important: Application currently not possible.

When leading senior researchers retire, universities are losing valuable expertise in terms of knowledge and experience. The aim of providing funding for Humboldt Senior Advisors is to allow young researchers access to benefit from this expertise. Complementary to Senior Professors for supporting teaching, Senior Advisors, e.g. provide guidance on research projects, serve as mentors for young researchers, or act as contact persons for non-university projects promoting young researchers.

Who can apply?

Deans or managing directors of institutes at the Humboldt-Universität can submit a proposal, as well as groups of at least three junior researchers together with the designated Senior Advisor. The latter must submit their proposal via the relevant faculty.

What are the relevant criteria?

Candidates are required to have competences and experience in promoting young researchers, e.g. in research organization, third-party funding acquisition, networking within and outside the university, career planning, internationalisation and/or developing publication strategies.

It is expected that among the young researchers benefiting from the Senior Advisor’s support are not only own doctoral candidates; if that’s the case, at least an added qualitative value has to be shown for these candidates.

How much funding is provided?

The duration of each Senior Advisor contract is flexible between several months and up to a maximum of one year. It is possible to apply for an extension; but funding will not be provided longer than for three years. Financial compensation will be paid up to the maximum amount accepted by the responsible pension office. Additional financial support for material expenses or additional staff is not provided.

What is the deadline for applications?

Proposals will be accepted four times a year. The application deadlines follow the periods for scholarship applications. They are:

1 April to 15 May for funding starting 1 August
1 June to 15 July for funding starting 1 October
1 September to 15 October for funding starting 1 February
1 December to 15 January for funding starting 1 April.

Funding will be awarded by the University’s Executive Committee, based on the evaluation of the proposals by the Selection Committee of the Institutional Strategy Funding Lines for Promoting Young Researchers. The Selection Committee meets at least once per semester.

What is the application procedure?

The following information is required:

  • A description of the Senior Advisor´s tasks, including a time table
  • The indication of the length and the costs of the funding
  • The institutional position within the university
  • A description of the Senior Advisor´s specific qualification valuable for her or his tasks

Follow-up applications should also describe the previous progress of the project and give reasons for an extension.

Please send your applications to:

Humboldt Graduate School
Humboldt Senior Advisor
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

Additional information

Dr. Andrea George und Dany Beyer
Office for Promotion of Young Researchers in the Excellence Initiative