Selection Committee of the Institutional Strategy Funding Lines for Promoting Young Researchers

The selection board is made up of professors, post-docs and doctoral students from various disciplines. The office for promoting young researchers in the Excellence Initiative at the Humboldt Graduate School is responsible for the administrative implementation.

The selection board has sole responsibility for accepting or rejecting applicants in the Humboldt Research Track and Humboldt Post-Doc Scholarship funding lines. It also prepared recommendations for applications to the Humboldt Post-Doc Fellowship (discontinued funding line) as well as applications for the Humboldt Initiative on Structured PhD Programmes (discontinued funding line) and the Humboldt Senior Advisor funding lines (discontinued funding line). The final decision on who is awarded Post-Doc Fellowships and Senior Advisor positions is made by the university management, while the Vice President for Research has decision-making responsibilities for the Structured PhD Programmes.

The members of the selection board are as follows:

Chair (full voting rights)

Professor Dr. Iris Därmann
Department of Cultural History and Theory

Voting Members:

Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Baldauf (Department of Asian and African Studies)
Prof. Dr. Caterina Cocchi (Department of Physics)
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Kaufmann (Department of Biology)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Ziegler (Department of Psychology)

Post-doctoral researchers
Dr. Moritz Hinsch (Department of History)
Dr. Martin Klein (Department of Philosophy)

Doctoral candidates
Hi-Cheong Lee (Faculty of Theology)


Prof. Dr. Vera Moser (Department of Rehabilitition Science)
Prof. Dr. Vivien Petras (Department of Library Sciences)

Post-doctoral researchers
Dr. Philipp Wasserscheidt (Department of Slavic Studies)
Dr. Judith Wodke (Department of Biology)

Doctoral candidates                 
Adela Taleb (Department of European Ethnology)