Berlin Mathematical School

Berlin Mathematical School

Joint project with Technische Universität Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin

The Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) offers an outstanding graduate education programme and attracts many promising young mathematicians to Berlin. In addition to scientific excellence, the graduate school features equal opportunities for men and women and emanates international flair. Our target groups include graduates with a master’s or bachelor’s degree in mathematics who wish to pursue their doctorate within a structured programme.

BMS offers a two-phase programme that combines the strengths of the German doctoral education with the advantages of successful American graduate schools. Phase I takes three to four semesters, and consists of a programme of lectures in seven research areas. The students receive a broad mathematical education that forms the foundation for future specialisation. Classes are held at the three participating universities; each university holds lectures on a different day. After passing the qualifying exam, students move directly to Phase II, which comprises six semesters.

Phase II student Emre Can Sertöz quickly fell in love with Berlin: “Berlin has everything that meets my definition of an international atmosphere.” When trying to select his courses at the start of every semester from the overwhelming array of options at the three universities during Phase I, he felt like he was in a sweet shop. BMS also opened up many opportunities for Phase II student Ana Botero: “First of all, it is possible to interact with mathematicians working in cutting edge research fields. And secondly, the One-stop Office team and the BMS students help you feel at home. Being a member of BMS means being part of a family that takes care of you.”

“Mathematics as a whole” is one of the guiding principles at BMS. To provide insight beyond students’ respective fields of specialisation, “BMS Fridays” are held in the Urania Berlin auditorium twice a month during the academic semester. On these days, mathematicians from Germany and abroad provide insight into the larger scheme of things and the latest developments.

Foto: Kay Herschelmann.


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