Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies

Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies

Host University: Freie Universität Berlin (with contributions from Humboldt-Universität)

The Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies will promote and supervise theoretically and conceptually outstanding PhD projects. All theses should have a specifically philological focus, and must apply comparative methods to European, American, Arabic or Asian literatures. Research areas include the relationship between literature and other types of texts; the links between literary texts and processes of linguistic reflection; rhetoric and poetics; the correlations between literature and other media, as well as between literature and discourses of knowledge. Focal points are textual and linguistic phenomena; the methods of diachronic and synchronic comparison of languages, literatures, cultures and media; as well as an awareness of the historicity of texts that provides insights into the interrelations between literature and such cultural processes as the generation of meaning, the formation of societies, and the constitution of knowledge.

Cooperating Insitutions

The Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School maintains contacts to several university partners and external research institutions from Germany and abroad. At the same time it offers support to several literary pioneer projects.

  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • International Partner Institutions
  • Non-University Cooperations
  • Host University Institutes


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Prof. Dr. Jutta Müller-Tamm (FU)