Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences Adlershof

Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences Adlershof

IRIS Adlershof takes an interdisciplinary approach to research on new types of hybrid materials and functional systems and their optical, electronic, mechanical and chemical properties. In connection with this, fundamental studies of the structure and dynamics of matter on extreme length and time scales and in complex systems are performed at IRIS Adlershof – in other words, pioneering fundamental research.

What the highly specialised physicists, chemists, mathematicians and computer scientists at IRIS Adlershof learn also has practical significance for the development of new applications for cutting-edge technologies running the gamut from optics and electronics to new methods of processing materials that conserve energy and natural resources. Located in Germany’s leading science and technology park, the institute was designed to serve as a link non-university partners from industry and science in order to foster the transfer of knowledge between research and practice. Thus for example, innovative high-tech enterprises and research institutes are invited to send their own personnel to work on joint projects within OPAL (Open Access Laboratory), a new concept to promote collaboration between IRIS Adlershof and pertinent scientific and industrial partners. As a first example, an OPAL for Advanced Materials is being established with the aim of developing and implementing tailored concepts for organic and molecular electronics.

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Prof. Dr. Jürgen P. Rabe